Datafi Pro FAQ's


Does Datafi Pro require any software to be installed?
No. Datafi Pro is completely web-based and requires no software to be installed on workstations or mobile devices. All you need is a modern browser.

What types of devices does Datafi Pro support?
Datafi Pro supports all modern phones, tablets, laptops and PC/Mac workstations. Datafi’s user interface supports screen sizes of all types and is inherently touch friendly.

Does Datafi Pro support geolocation?
Yes, Datafi Pro supports your device’s native geolocation services. In fact, Datafi Pro supports high-accuracy GPS data collection with a number of third-party GPS receivers including Trimble and EOS.


Is Datafi Pro a hosted solution?
Yes. Datafi Pro is a completely hosted software platform. WSB hosts and manages Datafi Pro for you so you don’t have to worry about managing IT resources. We leverage Amazon Web Services (AWS) as our main cloud platform for Datafi Pro. WSB is an AWS Consulting Partner and has leveraged AWS for its hosted solutions since 2012.

Can Datafi Pro be hosted at my organization?
Currently no. Datafi Pro is only available as a hosted solution from WSB. We’ve built Datafi Pro from the ground up to support a number of integration paths. Be rest assured that any data within Datafi can be available to your organization through supported integrations.


Does Datafi Pro integrate with GIS?
Yes. DataFi Pro integrates with any GIS platform. At its core, Datafi Pro utilizes PostGIS within PostgreSQL to store spatial data. Any GIS platform that supports PostgreSQL/PostGIS can integrate with Datafi Pro. In addition, we offer OGC compliant services that can easily integrate with all modern web mapping libraries and online platforms. This includes Esri’s ArcGIS Online and Portal platforms.

WSB’s DataFi Pro team can work with you to determine the most effective integration path to your GIS ensuring your organization’s ability to effectively visualize and integrate Datafi Pro across your organization.

Does Datafi Pro integrate with SAP or other ERP platforms?
Yes. Datafi Pro integrates with SAP and other ERP systems like Oracle Fusion, and Deltek Vision. Datafi Pro can also integrate with planning and project management platforms like Primavera P6 or Microsoft Project.

Integration options vary by platform and our Datafi Pro team can work with you to recommend and assist with implementing integrations to your systems.

How does Datafi Pro integrate with other platforms?
Datafi Pro can be integrated with other platforms and business systems in a number of ways. We will work with you to determine the best approach based on your individual business needs and systems to be integrated.

Examples include automated data exports and imports, direct data source integrations and web-APIs.

Security & Data

Does Datafi Pro support my organization’s logins?
Yes. Datafi Pro supports user logins from third-party platforms such as Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Esri, Google and more via SAML-based single sign-on.

Am I able to administer Datafi Pro users and access management?
Yes. Datafi Pro includes full support for your Datafi Pro administrators to manage user accounts, send invites to new users and manage fine-grained permissions.

Is my data secure in Datafi Pro?
Yes. We take information security very seriously at WSB. Datafi Pro was built from the ground up with information security at its core. WSB follows IT security standards for infrastructure that are inherently built within Amazon’s AWS platform. This includes ISO 9001, 27001, 27017 and 27018 compliance. In addition, WSB works with third-party information security consultants to audit both Datafi Pro and our AWS platform. This audit is performed annually.

Where is Datafi Pro’s information stored?
All data pretraining to Datafi Pro is stored in a private, isolated Cloud environment within AWS.

What types of information is stored in Datafi Pro?
Datafi Pro stores only data pretraining to your organization’s field data collection workflows and user information that includes full name, e-mail and organization. No other personally identifiable (PII) is stored per user. Users can upload basic documents and photos to Datafi. All photos and documents are stored within a secured Amazon Simple Storage Solution (S3) endpoint.

Can I request all my organization’s information from WSB?
Yes. WSB will provide you with access to all information collected in Datafi upon request. Data will be provided as flat file exports. All uploaded files and photos can also be provided upon request. Data requests may incur a data request fee.