Datafi Pro is WSB’s web and cloud-based software solution designed to streamline field-to-office data collection to one application. Through Datafi Pro, manage workflows into programs and projects on mobile devices from any location. Datafi Pro is equipped with fully customizable forms and features to complete inspections, collect and view GIS data, report, manage photos/documents and visualize and communicate data through interactive Dashboards.

Software Features

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  • Build flexible programs to organize and map all project data and forms into one place.
  • Create dashboards with collected information and develop interactive data visualizations. Dashboards guide decision making through quick analyzations and monitoring of data.
  • Design fully customizable forms for use in the field. Each form comes with customizable searching, filtering and reporting capabilities.
  • Manage project photos and documents.
  • Geolocation capabilities including street navigation and routing to projects.
  • Flexible integration with external systems including ArcGIS Platform and Ticketing (811, 411) systems.
  • Robust Admin interface with configurable application roles and permission handling. Datafi Pro is secure through every step, IT friendly and can be deployed in various environments such as AWS.



Damage Prevention


Environmental Compliance


Digitize field operations


Datafi Pro has six templates immediately available to complete field and project management operations. These models can be quickly deployed and fully customized based on needs. New and custom modules can be developed to complete any field-to-office workflow scenario.

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