Minimize vibration damage.

Construction projects can be disruptive and cause damage to surrounding structures due to extreme ground vibration. We minimize risk with our certified and calibrated monitoring equipment that continuously monitors vibration and noise, even below the intensity levels that humans can feel. We provide thorough and reliable vibration information needed to assess concerns and resolve problems in sensitive areas.

Vibration Monitoring is a win-win for the close-proximity property owners and building teams. Work can be halted prior to damaging vibration levels, while also protecting the construction team from unsubstantiated claims of damage. Damaging threshold limits, measured as peak particle velocity (PPV), are determined by a structural engineer prior to construction. A seismometer is then strategically placed onsite to capture representative data that may affect structures. Sensors can be placed directly on the ground, inside buildings and even adhered to utility lines.

Our wireless messaging system sends email or text alerts to clients or contractors within seconds of an event occuring. This allows the construction team to stop operations immediately and minimize vibration before continuing work.

Vibration monitoring is coupled with pre-construction survey, that documents any existing distresses of nearby buildings or structures prior to construction or vibration producing activities. Our inspectors  provide a thorough and complete report that includes a variety of digital photography, diagrams, video, and notations; establishing a meaningful baseline for determining appropriate project vibration limits.

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