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As cities plan for the evolution of their infrastructure, they need to consider how emerging technology will affect them. Things like autonomous vehicles, smart cities and the IOT (internet of things) will require advanced connectivity that is accomplished through small cells that can deliver lightning-fast 5G service. Due to the more limited range of small cells, they may need to be installed in more dense networks.

The installation of these towers can impact a variety of issues in a city. Consideration will need to be paid to things like historical character, streetscape clutter, viewsheds, regulations, right-of-way and community reactions. Cities will need to set up effective regulations and standards regarding the installation and maintenance of these towers that address all these concerns.

Our experts have worked on over one hundred wireless and small cell projects, serving as consultants for major carriers, tower companies and municipalities of all sizes. From drafting Small Cell Ordinances and Design Manuals, to creating and implementing deployment guidelines to managing public opinion, we simplify and streamline the process navigating through any issues that arise.

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