WSB Announces Partnership with 4M Analytics to Advance Infrastructure Programs & Projects

March 26, 2024

Combining digital construction management services with utility AI mapping and analytics will revolutionize the industry.

MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. — WSB LLC (“WSB”), one of the nation’s fastest growing infrastructure engineering and consulting firms, today announced a partnership with 4M Analytics, the nation’s leading subsurface Utility AI Mapping and Analytics Solution. This partnership will immediately support infrastructure projects across the U.S. with a focus on data integrity and real-time digital delivery.

“This partnership is going to address one of the most significant risks in our industry – utility conflict and coordination,” said Andy Kaiyala, WSB’s Vice President of Digital Construction Management and Controls. “4M Analytics brings much-needed nationwide improvement to utility conflict resolution, and they are doing it with cutting-edge AI and machine learning technology.  When combined with WSB’s capabilities and commitment to innovation, the partnership will have an immediate impact on the projects and communities we serve.”

WSB’s Digital Construction Management (DCM) service is advancing civil construction projects through model-based digital delivery using a full suite of services from construction modeling, to 4D scheduling to automated machine control.  With a firm understanding of the complexity surrounding today’s infrastructure projects, WSB is dedicated to creating efficiencies, streamlining processes and mitigating risk to drive improvements in the industry. This partnership adds data that completes WSB’s comprehensive DCM service and offers a solution that is unmatched in the industry.

Leveraging artificial intelligence, computer vision and change detection techniques, 4M Analytics synthesizes, digitizes and geo-locates millions of utility data sources into a single platform and visually validates each line using vertical and horizontal imagery dating back to the 1940’s. This enables ‘real-time’ access to the utility landscape for infrastructure projects through an intuitive user interface. The mapping resources will decrease the amount of time it takes to locate underground utilities for owners, civil engineering firms, general contractors, subsurface utility engineering firms, and many other utility stakeholders.

“WSB is an industry leader in using tools and technologies to improve the way we deliver infrastructure projects across the U.S.,” said Itzik Malka, 4M Analytics CEO. “With our commitment to best-in-class real-time utility data, this partnership will have a positive impact on so many projects by mitigating risk, reducing cost, and streamlining processes and scheduling.  We’re excited about what this will do for the industry and, most importantly, the improvements to projects that impact so many people.”

Under the partnership terms, WSB and 4M Analytics will work together to immediately bring subsurface utility data into the 3D digital twin models for the benefit of clients and their projects. 

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