WSB adds fish logistics company to create FisH2O

August 28, 2019

FisH2O will coordinate the removal and sale of carp to sustainably close the loop on WSB’s water quality management service

Minneapolis, Minn. – Design and consulting firm WSB today announced that the company has acquired the commercial carp logistics arm of Blair Fish to enhance its innovative invasive species management services. WSB will rebrand this fully owned subsidiary under FisH2O. The acquisition will allow WSB to implement a sustainable approach to its growing fishery business, water quality management and carp management. By tagging, capturing, diverting, transporting and selling carp to markets that will utilize the fish, FisH2O closes a sustainability gap that doesn’t currently exist in the marketplace.

“We are excited to launch FisH2O and expand our aquatic invasive species management program to tackle water quality issues across the United States,” said Bret Weiss, CEO at WSB. “Our clients benefit from an integrated approach to the management of carp and other invasive species to improve the ecology of lakes and other bodies of water. Finding an eco-friendly solution to the disposal of this invasive species is something we’re proud of.”

An abundance of carp can result in poor water quality due to reduced aquatic vegetation and excessive biomass. WSB has offered aquatic invasive species and carp management services since 2014. The firm works with watershed districts, lake associations, cities and tribes to improve water quality through the development of an integrated management plan, based on rigorous data collection, and removal of invasive species.

At WSB, a carp integrated management plan begins by quantifying the scale of the carp population through the development of a population and biomass estimate. This data helps clients determine whether populations are having a detrimental impact. WSB utilizes proven approaches for the management and removal as well as innovative techniques to capture the invasive fish, such as electrofishing, box netting, acoustic herding and barrier technology.

 “Many communities are currently struggling with carp populations and invasive species are changing the way we enjoy lakes,” said Tony Havranek, WSB senior ecologist leading the program. “By combining FisH2O with our services at a larger scale, we are able to bring the cycle full-circle and find uses for these fish.”

Now with FisH2O, clients can expect that WSB offers a one-stop-shop for water quality management, removing the hassle of coordinating multiple vendors. WSB and FisH2O will scientifically manage, remove, transport and sell the fish. Some invasive species are edible and can be sold to restaurants and grocers. The fish is also used for bait, fertilizer and pet food. “I’m excited to hit the ground running to grow FisH2O throughout the U.S.,” said Tim Adams, FisH2O fisheries logistics manager. “We want to be known as a friendly fish company that is taking sustainability to the next level – a solution that was much needed in the management of invasive species.”

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