The Future of Construction Staking

March 7, 2024

By Matt Minton, Construction Survey Project Manager, WSB

In the ever-evolving landscape of construction, precision is not just a goal; it’s a necessity. As we stand on the cusp of a new era in construction technology, the role of construction staking has never been more pivotal. Modern construction staking is reshaping the industry and embracing this change is crucial for future success.

Innovation at the Forefront

Construction staking is the unsung hero of the building process and a critical step that translates visionary 2D plans into tangible reality. With the advent of advanced technologies such as GNSS, laser scanning and drones, the accuracy and efficiency of construction staking have reached unprecedented levels, and as the technology evolves, so too must construction staking. These innovations allow for rapid, precise measurements, ensuring that every stake set is a step toward perfection.

Leveraging technology to share staking data, updates and changes in real-time assists in moving the industry forward and increasing productivity at all levels. Tools like construction management software are being utilized more to effectively streamline communication and reduce wasted time using outdated plans and data.

Sustainability as a Guiding Principle

As environmental stewardship becomes increasingly important, construction staking plays a vital role in sustainable building practices. Accurate staking minimizes resource waste and environmental impact, laying the groundwork for projects that not only stand the test of time but also respect our planet’s delicate balance. The environmental impacts of construction are the responsibility of all parties involved.

Collaboration: The Keystone of Success

The complexity of modern construction projects demands a collaborative approach, and construction staking is at the heart of this synergy. The single commonality of all parties in construction is the successful completion of the project. By fostering clear communication, construction staking ensures that every stake is placed with a shared vision of success.

Educating the Next Generation

Thought leadership in construction staking also involves mentorship and education. By sharing knowledge and experience, seasoned professionals pave the way for the next generation of surveyors, equipping them with the skills and insights needed to continue the tradition of excellence. Through effective training, evolution of the construction industry will not leave behind the future surveyors.

Eliminating Common Errors in Construction Staking

Construction staking is a critical step in the building process, but it is not immune to errors. These mistakes can lead to costly delays, rework and even safety hazards. However, with diligent planning and execution, most common staking errors can be avoided. By utilizing the available technology effectively, errors created by plans and calculations can be eliminated, and surveyors can focus more on eliminating the human errors that are often the cause of construction staking errors. It is essential for surveyors to adhere to standards and build in independent checks to eliminate errors and maintain consistency.

During the staking process, potential errors with the project can be identified early on. For instance, a project manager can physically see if a portion of a building is too close to a property boundary line or does not allow enough room for a walkway. This proactive approach allows for adjustments before they become expensive problems.

Establishing a Clear Chain of Command

A well-defined chain of command facilitates efficient communication and decision making. It is crucial to establish who is responsible for conveying staking information and who the contractors should contact when questions or concerns arise. Typically, the field crew are the ones in front of the contractors. Quick decisions can be made on the fly; however, requests outside of planned tasks should always be rerouted to the project manager to ensure that budget and time constraints are not impacted.

Maintaining Quality Checks

Regular quality checks of communication help prevent errors that could arise from miscommunication. This includes verifying that all parties have received and understood the latest staking information. This includes proactive communication by all parties prior to the work taking place.


Construction staking remains a fundamental part of the building process. It ensures accurate and safe construction, adherence to codes and regulations and minimizes costly errors. From planned improvements to actual site mapping, construction staking bridges the gap between the 2-dimensional development plans, and the 3-dimensional executed reality.

How WSB Can Help

The highly trained team at WSB uses cutting-edge technology and industry leading best practices to ensure every project is completed safely, accurately and efficiently. Contact us to learn more about how we can set your project up for success.

Matt has been working in the surveying industry for over 25 years. In 2007 he founded his own surveying company that specialized in construction surveying, for 5 years he served many communities and worked on various construction projects. In 2012 he continued his survey journey by focusing on enhancing construction surveying practices at other companies. At WSB he has implemented innovative training programs such as GPS/GNSS systems and improved project procedures. He addresses common challenges in the field leading to a reduction of high-risk issues associated with construction staking.

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