Southwest LRT Groundbreaking

One of Minnesota’s largest infrastructure projects officially moves into construction.

WSB acted as West Segment Water Resources Lead for Metro Transit. 

Federal, state, and local officials gathered in Hopkins to break ground on the Southwest LRT project in late November. The $2.003 billion project will be the largest infrastructure project in the state’s history and is expected to create 7,500 construction jobs, with an estimated $350 million payroll.

Our Water Resources and Environmental Compliance teams assisted Metro Transit as the West Segment Water Resources Lead. We completed the erosion and sediment control design, storm sewer design, permitting, bridge and wall drainage work. Our team was also responsible for identifying and designing Best Management Practices (BMPs) to meet permitting requirements and designed the storm sewer infrastructure that will connect existing municipal and Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) systems to one another. Additionally, we prepared water resources-related documents, including preparing plans and specifications, quantifying wetland and floodplain impacts, completed hydraulic analysis for risk assessments and performed water quality analysis of the proposed BMPs.

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