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The TH 53 project team included WSB and five other national and regional consultants. We supported MnDOT District One with oversight verification of the design and construction for relocation of TH 53 over the Rouchleau Pit in Northern Minnesota. TH 53 had to be relocated due to the expiration of an easement agreement with the local taconite mining company, a new alignment was created to accommodate the bridge over Rouchleau Pit. The pit is approximately 250 feet deep at the crossing location and the bridge spans approximately 1,100 feet with 180-foot or taller bridge piers within the pit.

This is only the second Construction Manager/General Contractor (CMGC) project in Minnesota.

The plans required special attention to ensure compliance and receive approval of the MnDOT Central Office staff. Using the CMGC process allowed WSB, the design team and the construction team to keep this project on track for completion in 2017 and allowed the mining company access to their minerals underneath the old TH 53.

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