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The Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community (SMSC) partnered with WSB to develop a plan for long-term water infrastructure management on the community’s property in Scott County. WSB developed a SWAMP© (Storm Water Asset Management Program) for the community to assist in the administration of its best management practices (BMPs) of storm water inspection and maintenance activities.

From the 1970s to the 1990s, many communities had large stormwater BMPs put in. Today, many of those BMPs are due for maintenance, which is often expensive and time-consuming for a community. SWAMP is a web-based application that allows a community to customize and then prioritize BMP maintenance, saving them both time and a significant amount of money. The application assesses the quality of the BMPs, estimates the cost of the maintenance and budget, and then prioritizes BMP updates. Additionally, the application serves as a water quality model to estimate performance and the pollutant removal efficiency of the BMPs.

SWAMP sends updates the SMSC to recommended storm water facility inspections, tracking to meet new or existing MS4 Permit requirements, and helps identify the necessary resources for inspection and maintenance of facilities throughout the property. Once BMPs are inspected, the SMSC can utilize SWAMP to perform cost-benefit analyses and schedule maintenance/improvement projects. SWAMP is easily updated to reflect recent inspection and maintenance information. The updates are key to cost-saving, as data remains relevant and current, unlike the data from a one-time study.

The application has been customized to SMSC so the community can create a storm water infrastructure management plan that is unique to their needs.

SWAMP is an exclusive WSB-created and owned technology. The application is user-friendly and will improve communication among SMSC staff and elected officials on the performance and maintenance of BMPs. It will also aid in communication with residents and businesses allowing SMSC to communicate maintenance information and timelines with those who have a pond or BMP on their property.

Using SWAMP, SMSC is now able to update and control their customized data sets and will aid future storm water infrastructure management for decades.

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