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Golden shovels were dug into the ground at the St. Croix Meadows Dog Track in Hudson, Wisconsin.  Standing vacant for over 20 years, the $200 million development will eventually be home to a baseball stadium, hotel, retail, research facilities, corporate campus and multifamily housing.

The 140-acre site will be one of the largest redevelopment projects in Hudson’s history and will revitalize an area of the city that once was a tourist destination.

WSB is assisting St. Croix Meadows, LLC., a new private developer to the Hudson area, with land surveying, geotechnical engineering, environmental site assessments, wetland delineation, traffic impact analysis, master planning, planning and entitlements, civil engineering, water resource management and landscape architecture services for the project.

In addition, we worked closely with the City of Hudson to secure an Idle Site Redevelopment Grant from the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation.

“The scale of this redevelopment project has the potential to completely transform the area,” says Todd Hubmer, Vice President of Water Resources at WSB. “The opportunity to partner with St. Croix Meadows, LLC to implement innovative design solutions is incredibly exciting and we’re looking forward to working together to rejuvenate the area.”