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WSB provided design for the new pedestrian bridge for the City of Shakopee. The bridge was constructed over Highway 169 and eliminates a significant gap in the local and regional trail system network and connects residential, educational and commercial areas south of US 169 with employment and recreational destinations north of US 169. Not only does this project enhance local and regional trail connectivity, but it removes regional barriers and provides grade separation between high-speed traffic and pedestrians/cyclists.

The concrete bridge features a variety of innovative features related to functionality, maintenance, aesthetics and lighting. WSB developed multiple bridge alignment alternatives to minimize impacts to adjacent properties, floodplain, existing utilities, an eastbound, highway overhead sign and the nearby Prior Lake Outlet Channel. Ultimately, the horseshoe design was the chosen alternative as it met a majority of the minimization goals while leading to appropriate functionality for pedestrians and cyclists in the area. The City and WSB utilized the bridge to increase the aesthetics in the area and create a gateway into the eastern portion of the City. Ornamental rails and brick-patterned columns were placed on the bridge to enhance the pedestrian and cyclist experience. WSB also designed an innovative in-laid lighting component that illuminated the bridge deck which is intended to provide uniform lighting along the walkway and create a sense of safety for pedestrians when crossing the bridge at night. The City of Shakopee emblem was attached to the eastern side of the bridge that is visible for travelers on Highway 169 entering the City from the east.