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Subsurface Utility Engineering


In collaboration with the Sac and Fox Nation, we embarked on a vital project to enhance utility management and strategic planning for the Nation’s tribal complex in Stroud, Oklahoma. As the 14th largest federally recognized Native American Tribe in Oklahoma, the Sac and Fox Nation recognized the importance of private and public utility locating, as well as GIS mapping, for their tribal complex spanning approximately 435 acres.

The project involved comprehensive fieldwork, including the location of surface and subsurface utilities, survey data collection of all utility locations, and the development of a 3Dl utility model. Additionally, a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) inventory was created to provide the Sac and Fox Nation with a robust tool for managing current utility capabilities and planning for future needs.

This initiative empowers the Sac and Fox Nation to assess their entire utility system, facilitating informed decision-making for future goals, growth, and expansion within the tribal complex. With 22 buildings of varying sizes and uses, including a campground area, the GIS inventory serves as a valuable resource for optimizing utility infrastructure and enhancing the amenities provided to the Nation’s citizens.