Wayzata, MN




Community Planning

During staffing transitions and busy times, cities often take it as an opportunity to evaluate their workflows and job descriptions to determine if there is anywhere to create efficiencies. During this transition and evaluation period, they often find they are short staffed and in need of a temporary solution.

WSB planners recently met with administrators in the cities of Maple Grove and Wayzata, Minnesota. Our planners were able to evaluate and provide recommendations on long-term staffing, and determine the appropriate level of staff needed to maintain city services and resident satisfaction during the transition periods.

We were able to provide temporary staffing solutions to both cities by serving as either City Planners or Community Development Directors. In both cases, we were able to provide an in-office presence, participate in staff meetings and serve walk-in customers. As part of our solution we remotely conducted applications reviews, work with developers and provide planning and zoning guidance to the Planning Commission and City Council.

Services provided:


Create stability in team and provide experienced expertise


Assist client with evaluating staffing needs and redefining job descriptions


Provided recommendations on work-flow management

Staff augmentation

Provided department management, reporting and advising to Planning Commissions and City Councils, development review, permitting, and code enforcement

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