Culvert Inventory and GIS Mapping


Oklahoma County, OK






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Geotechnical Engineering

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The Culvert Inventory and GIS Mapping Project in Oklahoma County addresses the vital need for a comprehensive assessment of the county’s drainage infrastructure. As the most populated county in Oklahoma, with 537 total miles of county roads across three commissioner districts, Oklahoma County recognized the importance of a detailed inventory for effective management.

A GIS inventory survey was conducted of all roadway-sized culverts (cross drains) within the jurisdiction of the Oklahoma County Commissioners. The project involved a two-fold approach: field services for on-site location, surveying, data collection, and photography of roadway culverts, and engineering services for data analysis, processing, and integration into a fully functional GIS system.

By creating this GIS inventory, Oklahoma County gains a powerful tool to evaluate and maintain its entire drainage system. The comprehensive database enables the county to make informed decisions regarding current infrastructure conditions and plans for future goals and projects. This initiative marks the first complete asset inventory for Oklahoma County’s cross drains, signifying a significant step towards enhanced infrastructure management, resilience, and strategic planning for the county’s evolving needs.