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WSB was contracted onto multiple portions of the larger I-94 highway design-build upgrade project, including a 14 mile stretch between Clearwater and Monticello, as well as a 6 mile stretch between St. Michael and Albertville.

The St. Michael to Albertville Design-Build project is located west of CSAH 19 in Albertville to TH 241 in St. Michael, replacement of I-94 bridges over CSAH 19, construction of eastbound collector-distributor road between CSAH 19 and CSAH 37, construction of an additional travel lane on eastbound and westbound I-94 between CSAH 37 and TH241, reconstruction of the interchange and bridge at I-94/TH 241, and construction of stormwater basins.

The Clearwater to Monticello Design-Build project spans from 94 from east of Wright County Road 39 in Monticello to TH 24 in Clearwater. The project also includes construction of a third general purpose lane in each direction into the center median with a raised concrete barrier, constructing new noise walls, installing weight-in-motion sensors in pavement, constructing a commercial vehicle inspection area within the Enfield Rest Area along eastbound 94, and construction of additional drainage ponds.

WSB was selected by MnDOT D3 as the Design-Build Verification Consultant (DBVC), collectively known as the Design-Build Verification Team (DBVT). WSB and our partners provided design verification and contract administration for this project located in District 3. WSB provided assistance to MnDOT in:

  • Performing the tasks necessary to verify that the Design-Build (DB) Contractor was meeting all requirements of the Design-Build Conformed Contract for the project
  • Attending meetings as necessary for close coordination during day-to-day progress of the work or as required to carry out the project
  • Notification to the State’s Project Manager immediately of unanticipated project conditions.
  • Maintenance of the record of design submittals, approvals, changes, and modifications using State’s Document Control System Microsoft SharePoint (DCS)
  • Collection, identification, and delivery to the State of original calculations, drawing and sketches, electronic design files, records, reports, and other documents prepared by the contractor in the performance of the work

MnDOT depended on WSB’s recommendations for multiple design submittals and proposed construction activities throughout the project. WSB utilized experience and various discussion sessions to interpret contract documents and provide solutions that kept the project within the intended scope. The recommendations provided by our staff allowed successful negotiation of change orders and ensured the project followed contract requirements. WSB also supplemented staff to the project as needs arose to provide construction inspection, material testing, and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) services.

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