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The city of Duluth, Minnesota was looking for a way to allow their constituents to report non-emergency location-enabled problems to the city in an impactful and interactive way. The city also wanted to increase their transparency with their residents, expand on their public engagement efforts, and provide a level of accountability for their staff members. Having an established relationship with WSB, the city contacted WSB to inquire about what solutions are available to them. Knowing that the city of Duluth has already invested in Esri technology, WSB recommended an Esri Solution be deployed.

After an initial scoping session with city staff, WSB suggested the city move forward on deploying Esri’s Citizen Problem Reporter (CPR) Solution. This solution brings together five Esri applications to work as a singular unit, providing a GIS-centric management approach to achieve their goals.

ArcGIS Dashboard acts as the command center for department managers to track progress and see trends. ArcGIS Hub brings all the applications together inside an ArcGIS Hub site where citizens can submit their problems, see all existing problems within their city, and track how the city is doing to resolve their issues through statistical reporting.

The city of Duluth wanted to extend the CPR by way of automation/scripting. Working closely with city staff, WSB determined a few scripts that can be configured and run via a task scheduler on the city’s network. By configuring and deploying all these scripts, the city was able to streamline the entire workflow for city staff.

The city has seen great involvement from their constituents since deploying the solution. The city has also seen a reduction in long-term asset maintenance costs through this accelerated approach the city took for reporting non-emergency problems. This solution also allows 24/7 access for the citizens, rather than just during business hours to report problems. By having WSB configure and deploy this solution, the city has achieved all their goals and put themselves in a position for future success and integrations with 3rd party software.

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