Monticello, MN





Environmental Compliance

Investigation & Remediation

Land Development

Review, Regulation & Planning

The City of Monticello had a vision to revitalize their downtown. Part of this vision includes the Block 34 Improvement project made up of five parcels acquired by the City. Two parcels were home to a multi-tenant commercial building and the additional three underutilized parcels contained various commercial buildings. Shortly after acquiring the sites, Monticello discovered several environmental issues and reached out to us for assistance.

Without any environmental due diligence completed prior to the purchase, our team began work to reduce the environmental uncertainty and risk of the redevelopment site. We retroactively obtained liability assurances through the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency’s Brownfield program and began a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA). The team also aided with budgeting and scheduling, oversight during demolition and environmental remediation / abatement. We also prepared environmental documents for contamination investigation and funding clean-up applications.

Block 34 is now an attractive commercial site with redevelopment already occurring. The potential environmental risks were identified, and we worked with Monticello to achieve their redevelopment goals.