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WSB was contracted to determine the upside wells in every mineral position AllDale Minerals owns throughout the United States. To market their mineral positions for divestiture, well units needed to be created to determine how many potential wells AllDale’s acreage position could potentially receive revenue from, and what total royalty payment the company is entitled to. These units were developed and delivered to AllDale’s investment bank for petroleum engineers and financial analysts to derive the total value of their current assets.

To determine the total upside potential of every mineral section, the GIS staff analyzed the engineering data to find the appropriate number of wells per bench in every oil and gas basin. Producing wells are subtracted from that total to create the full upside potential of every mineral position.

The result was to analyze each mineral position in every basin to determine the remaining wells and assess the most accurate drilling unit. This method resulted in estimating over 12,000 potential wells and over 1.6 million acres.

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