Golden, CO





Land Development


A car wash developer in Golden, CO tapped us to assist in bringing the layout of his site to life. With several ideas in mind, the developer was struggling to visualize his options. Using parametric design software, we worked to quickly model a variety of layouts allowing the developer to make decisions based on visuals. Parametric design software relies on the interaction of design parameters such as construction limits, roadway horizontal and vertical constraints, drainage patterns, building templates, lot templates, and access points to optimize the design of residential and commercial sites. Designs are re-imagined as parameters are held static or tweaked.

To begin, we input the car wash template into the software and set up the parametric constraints. We rapidly analyzed scenarios and compared construction costs to create a feasibility analysis that tightened the scope of the project in areas prone to cost overrun. We interactively shared design possibilities in real-time with the client, contractor and architect eliminating options until the best path forward remained.

The parametric design models also create three-dimensional visualizations that allow project teams to collaborate better.