WSB is leading the way in community water and wastewater solutions.

Managing and treating the water that supports a community is a complex and expensive task. WSB brings experience and innovation to every project to ensure residents are receiving the quantity and quality of water needed to thrive.

Wastewater treatment and collection are critical components of infrastructure. WSB’s team evaluates the full life cycle of wastewater management including ease of maintenance, energy consumption, capital improvements, financial impact, safety and satisfaction. Our history of working with regulatory agencies keeps your project from encountering regulatory or permitting obstacles while identifying funding opportunities to help make your projects work within your budget.

Planning for your community’s growth and increasing drinking water demands is imperative. From designing water treatment facilities, groundwater wells, booster stations, and water storage tanks to performing comprehensive water system studies, our engineers, hydrologists, and scientists partner with you to identify solutions that provide safe and clean drinking water for years to come. Providing services that include funding through design and construction, WSB has managed the design and construction of over 40 water treatment plants throughout the Midwest to provide clean and reliable drinking water to communities.

Each project presents it’s own challenges that require unique solutions. Read below to learn how we solved some of the most difficult ones.

City of Chanhassen

Chanhassen West Water Treatment Plant

Project Highlights:

  • Public engagement used to identify the ideal solution for the community
  • Due to plants neighborhood location, design included pleasing aesthetic design, native plants and public playground
  • 6,000 gpm capacity system that includes a reuse system that recycles over 95% of backwash water and leverages stormwater for irrigation
2019 APWA National Environmental Award Nominee
City of St Anthony

Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) Water Treatment Plant

Project Highlights:

  • Performed complete situation analysis for removing 1,4-Dioxane from community water in order to identify the safest and most cost-effective solution
  • Plant uses UV light and hydrogen peroxide to treat high concentrations of 1,4-Dioxane
  • It is the first advanced oxidation water treatment plant in Minnesota
  • Little to no service disruption to community with system integration over two days
  • WSB helped to secure $11M in grants to fund the project
2019 APWA National Environmental Award Nominee
City of St Paul Park

Granular Activated Carbon Water Treatment Plant

Project Highlights:

  • City water supply contained elevated levels of PFAS contamination
  • WSB designed a water treatment plant to remove the dangerous chemicals
  • Plant was designed and constructed on an accelerated schedule to ensure public safety
  • Project was funded using a $7.5M grant through 3M settlement
2021 ACEC Engineering Excellence Award
City of St Martin

Biological Filtration Water Treatment Plant

Project Highlights:

  • City wells had high levels of manganese, iron and ammonia leading to resident dissatisfaction
  • Performed pilot study to ensure project success
  • Contaminants removed using naturally occurring bacteria rather than chemicals with lower operational costs
  • First fully biological filtration water treatment plant in Minnesota
City of Monticello

Monticello Wastewater Treatment Plant

  • Monticello WWTP discharges into the stretch of Mississippi River designated as an Outstanding Resource Value Water and is required to meet very stringent permit conditions
  • Perform plant wide process evaluation and address specific needs
  • Upgrades included an enhanced chemical phosphorus removal system which resulted in the removal of additional phosphorus and reduced the risk of surface water algae blooms
  • Equipment replaced at the anaerobic digester and sequencing batch reactors significantly increased operational efficiencies

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