Your project doesn’t have time for delays or cost overruns, you need comprehensive and accurate surface models to keep your project moving forward without unexpected issues. For over 15 years our local teams have been utilizing industry-leading GPS systems to generates 3D surface models quickly and accurately, allowing your team to to focus on other necessary tasks.

We then use those models to provide machine control data to optimize the performance of your equipment. And it doesn’t end there, we also have the expertise needed to take your project to completion including quantity validation and schedule maintenance. Our complete line of construction services will support you from beginning to end.


3D Modeling

3D modeling allows us to design the project while providing a complete picture of the final product. 3D design significantly improves project outcomes. Through 3D design, we create opportunities for enhanced communication with agencies and public stakeholders, regardless of technical level. The models also allow our team to review the design for quality through the design cycles, while automating clash detection and identifying site impacts. In addition, the data used to develop a 3D model serves as the foundation for an Automated Machine Guidance system.

3D Design Overview

Machine Control Modeling

Using 3D models and GPS data, machine control modeling allows earthwork machinery to be accurately positioned. Design surfaces, grades and alignments are directly imported into construction equipment, resulting in increased accuracy and timelines.

Machine Control Overview

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