Rethinking road design.

Where new or better roads are needed to improve safety or mobility, we partner with our clients to build solutions to their unique challenges. In recent years, we’ve seen a surge in roundabouts for many of our clients.  They have been used to improve operations, safety, access management and aesthetics. Roundabouts are a unique form of intersection control because there is some flexibility to the shape, lane configuration and size of the roundabout.  Much has been learned over the years regarding the designs that work well and where improvements are necessary.

Our roundabout services include:

  • Single-Lane Roundabout Design
  • Multi-Lane Roundabout Design
  • Mini-Roundabout Design
  • Expandability expertise
  • Constructability expertise
  • Performance Checks (fast path, phi angle, truck turning, 3D truck turning)
  • Traffic Modeling (VISSIM, Rodel, HCS, etc.)
  • Roundabout Visualizations
  • Roundabout Education/Mythbusting
  • Concrete and bituminous roundabout design
  • Signing and striping

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