Identifying and understanding pavement issues is integral to improving operations.

The use of Veta and its innovative data collection technology improves pavement qualities. Our deep understanding of the software is beneficial to projects of any scale.

Veta, a public domain software that analyzes complex geospatial data from various intelligent construction technologies (ICT), is a key component of modern-day bituminous paving data collection. Sponsored through the Federal Highway Association (FHWA) and Transportation Pooled Fund Studies (TPF), the system has been in development since 2013, with more innovative support features coming in the future.

Our team provides exceptional bituminous paving data collection through Veta. Our experience working for departments of transportations (DOTs), our contacts and experiences deliver the product that DOTs need efficiently and effectively. Our team’s extensive background in paving projects is critical in identifying issues that cause poor quality paving. In addition, we provide solutions for pavement operations improvement. Our specialists produce results that maximize paving incentives for our clients.

With Veta We:

  • View, filter, subplot, spot test import and analyze innovative construction technologies
  • These technologies include:
    • Intelligent Compaction (IC)
    • Paver-mounted Thermal Profiler (PMTP)
    • Dielectric Profile Systems (DPS)
  • Diagnose asphalt paving issues
  • Improve pavement qualities through corrective action

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