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Proper planning is key to successfully managing educational facilities. This may include small scale projects (i.e. sidewalk repairs, parking improvements, or utility upgrades), medium scale projects (i.e. building additions, playground replacement, or stadium reconstruction), and large scale projects (i.e. site selection for a new school, new school or district office, or large-scale building addition). Planning does not just establish project needs and budgets but should also take into consideration timing and impacts.

Our team of specialist are trained to assist private schools, public school districts, colleges, and universities with project planning for a range of site related projects.
Some elements our team will address include:

Project Planning

  • Provide guidance and support from beginning of the project to the end
  • Lead your site planning and design process including site master planning services, development of design and bidding documents, bidding services, and construction administration through project completion
  • Experienced with educational facilities and the challenges with vehicular circulation (staff parking, parent drop off, student parking, bus drop off, and visitor parking) and work hard to ensure safe and separated routes are defined along with coordination of non-vehicular traffic (walkers, bikers, skateboards, etc.)
  • Consider everyone’s needs including administrators, faculty, maintenance workers, PTO/PTA groups, and other stakeholder groups associated with the project

Timing and Schedule

  • Determine a schedule and verify when to begin design work
  • Meet or exceed project schedules and budgetary constraints
  • Establish when to bid a project(s) to get the best pricing
  • Minimize impact to faculty/students/parents, identify construction windows to reduce conflicts during the calendar school year
  • Identify opportunities to package multiple projects to obtain better pricing

Project Budget

  • Understand the project vision, develop an estimate to ensure the project is properly funded and meets all goals
  • Review the project from a contractor’s perspective to identify any timing issues, permitting delays, or other construction related obstacles
  • Identify ways to reduce project costs and strategies to implement a project as funds become available


  • Identify risks within your project that may increase project costs
  • Maintain great relationships with dozens of local contractors to ensure quotes are obtained from only the best contractors in the area.
  • Identify the advantages and disadvantages of obtaining bids for work including soliciting quotes from a few select contractors to advertising and bidding from a larger contractor pool
  • Identify opportunities to reduce project costs and/or risks

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