Frequently Asked Questions

Why is WSB making this commitment to my development?

WSB is committed to making this a great place to build a career. We have listened to our staff who have expressed a desire to have a more comprehensive education program. Both WSB Staff and WSB benefit from staff development. WSB Staff have a direct benefit from attending WSB University classes as it allows staff to grow in their capacity professionally. WSB also benefits indirectly as a better-trained staff will lead to better client service, better client retention and better staff retention.

What is my role regarding my development at WSB?

WSB expects staff to be personally accountable for their professional growth and development. This includes seeking out training opportunities through WSB University.

 What is my supervisor’s role regarding my development?

Your supervisor will partner with you in your development process and may occasionally recommend classes.

 How is my development plan utilized for the WSB University?

The WSB University course offerings will help you develop both your technical and “soft” skills and can play a key role in your development plan.

 Can I take other classes outside of WSB University?

Yes. WSB U is not designed to replace all training and education opportunities. External training is encouraged both for the education and networking opportunities but must be approved by your supervisor.

 What if my supervisor and I disagree on attending a WSB University class?

You should discuss the course with your supervisor and discover why there is a difference of opinions. You can decide together what the best course of action will be.

 How do I register for a course?

Registration is handled electronically through the Events & Education page. More information about the website, your account, and other features are available through this video tutorial.

How many courses can I take in a year?

Required courses are mandatory. In addition, all staff can take up to 10 hours of non-required courses in a calendar year.

 Can I take more than 10 hours of classes in a calendar year?

Yes. You can take as many classes as you like, but it would be unpaid time unless approved by your Group Manager.

How are the courses I’ve taken tracked?

Courses are tracked by Human Resources. However, it is each employee's responsibility to track the continuing education credits required for their individual professional certifications and licenses.

 How do I know what courses I’m required to take?

Both course listings explain who should attend the training class. WSB expects that all staff complete the appropriate Core Classes within two years. 

 Do I have to pay for any courses?

There is no cost to staff to attend courses offered through WSB University.

Can I get PDH’s or CEU’s for any courses?

Some courses may be used for PDH’s or CEU’s. This course-specific information will be provided after the course is complete.

What if I’m too busy at work to take a course?

Education is very important to WSB. We expect that classes will be full, so take care during registration so that you are able to attend.

How do I provide suggestions/recommendations for course / instructor improvements?

You have the opportunity to provide feedback on both course content and course delivery after completing each class. This feedback will be used to enhance both content and delivery.

How do I request additional course offerings?

Anyone can request a course by Suggesting a Class through the Get In Touch form on the Contact page

How do I know if there is a prerequisite course for the course I want/need to take?

Each course has a prerequisite field in the course description. Contact your manager or Alex Young with questions.

What if I don’t feel I need the prerequisite course?

If you feel you do not need the prerequisite course, discuss both the desired course and the prerequisite course with your supervisor and Human Resources. We may also ask that you talk with the course instructor.

What if I really need or want to take a course but it’s not offered any time soon when I can take it?

Frequently check the course schedule as class offerings are frequently updated. You can also contact the Education Coordinator to see if alternative learning methods are available.