WSB  University is an innovative education initiative that reflects the culture of collaboration at WSB & Associates. Through the creation of the new education center, with cutting-edge technology, WSB's passion for excellence and desire to be of service to clients and the industry shine through.

We started the WSB University in spring 2006, as a staff-driven effort, to enhance the educational opportunities of our staff and clients. Since then, we've built a program that develops not only the professional, but the personal lives of our staff as well. To achieve this, we provide more than an engineering curriculum; we address the non-technical skills such as leadership, communication, customer service, and integrity.

In late 2014, we opened the doors to the new WSB University space on the second floor of our Minneapolis office. The vibrant space is designed to encourage and foster collaboration and innovation through the use of the latest technology and collaborative work areas.

WSB University is a key resource for WSB staff, as well as a leading source for knowledge for our clients. Our programs are designed with attention to both current best practices and to emerging ideas in our industry.

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"I was particularly impressed with the class this year. The instructor was very knowledgeable in the rules and the field applications. She illustrated how the rules affect us and how important they are to follow. There was a lot more interaction between the instructor and the students. This interaction produced excellent examples, and answers, to what documents and applications are required or have been experienced in the field. At the end of the day, I felt well educated on the current regulations and how to apply them to projects. Thank you for such a great class."

Michael L., Brenteson Companies