This summer I was able to attend the 2017 International Right of Way Conference held in Anchorage, Alaska.  During my time at the conference, I attended an educational session presented by Lee Hamre, SR/WA, R/W-RAC, R/W-URAC and Karen Eddleman, SR/WA, R/W-RAC, both relocation professionals in the Right of Way profession.  One of the items they shared was a cheat sheet to the 49 CFR Part 24 (Uniform Act Regulations) that I have found extremely helpful in the field of Right of Way relocation.  Below you will find the referenced cheat sheet.

49 CFR part 24 (Uniform Act Regulations) Cheat Sheet



Citation numbers

What’s in there?

Subpart A –



24.1 – 24.10

Information applicable to:

 ALL areas covered under the Regs

(Acquisition and Relocation)

Subpart B-

Real Property Acquisition

One hundreds

24.101 – 24.108

Information specific to:

Acquisition, appraisal, appraisal review, and tenant-owned improvements

Subpart C –

General Relocation Requirements

Two hundreds

24.201 – 24.209

Information applicable to:

 ALL relocation activities, including residential, non-residential, business/non-profits/farms, and

personal property only

Subpart D –

Payments for Moving and Related Expenses

Three Hundreds

24.301 – 24.306

Information specific to:

 1) Moving personal property (residential, mobile homes, non-residential, business/non-profits/farms, and  personal property only), and;

2) Other non-residential relocation payments

Subpart E –

Replacement Housing Payments

Four Hundreds

24.401 – 24.404

Information specific to:

1)Replacement housing payments for homeowner/occupants

2) Tenant occupants, and

3)Housing of Last Resort

Subpart F –

Mobile Homes


Five Hundreds

24.501 – 24.503

Information specific to:

Replacement Housing Payments for Mobile Home homeowner/occupants and tenant occupants. 


Subpart G –



Six Hundreds

24.601 – 24.603

Information specific to:

State Agency certification requirements. 

 NOT APPLICABLE to the general practitioner.


Appendix A to Part 24


Section 24.2 – 24.404(c)

Additional information provided to explain the intent of certain provisions.  Sections are listed In italics and in the same order as in the regulations.


Where can I find...?

Tens - General

One hundreds – Acquisition and Appraisal

Two hundreds – General Relocation

24.1 – Purpose

24.2 – Definitions

24.3 – No duplication of payment

24.5 – Manner of Notices

24.7 – Federal Agency Waiver

24.10 – Appeals

24.102 – Basic Acquisition Policies

24.103 – Criteria for Appraisals

24.104 – Review of Appraisals

24.105 – Tenant owned improvements

24.108 – Donations

24.203 – Relocation Notices

24.204 – Availability of Comparable

24.205 – Relo Planning and Advisory Assistance

24.206 – Eviction of cause

24.207 – Claims for Relo Assistance

24.208 – Aliens not lawfully present in the U.S.

24.209 – Relo payments not considered income

Three hundreds – Moving and Non-Res Pmts

Four hundreds – Replacement Housing Pmts

Five hundreds – Mobile Homes

24.301 – Moving, res and non-res.

24.302 – Fixed residential moving

24.303 – Related non-res. Expenses

24.304 – Reestablishment Costs

24.305 – Fixed Payment – Non Residential

24.401 – 180 day owner/occupant

24.402 – 90 day occupant

24.403 – Additional rules re: RHPs

24.404 – Housing of Last Resort

24.502 – RHP for 180 day MH owner- occupant

24.503 – RHP for MH 90 day occupant


How do I look things up in the regs?

Step 1. Start with the URA regulation, 49 CFR part 24, and find the appropriate citation using info above.  Need more clarification?

Step 2. Go to the italicized citation number in Appendix A of the regulations and read what’s there.  Still need more info?

Step 3. Go to your Federal Funding Agency’s website for guidance.  FHWA’s web page includes URA Frequently Asked Questions and other useful information.   (Go to or just Google ”FHWA Real Estate.”)  Still stumped?

Step 4. Be sure you have utilized ALL of your Agency’s resources, such as referencing the Relocation Section of the Right of Way Manual, and consulting with the other Relocation Specialists you work with – especially those with more experience.  Then, if all else fails, call or email your IRWA Relocation Instructor.  He/she should be able to suggest next steps.