The URA Low Income Limits, used in connection with Relocation Rental Assistance calculations for low income persons as provided under 49CFR 24.402(b), have been updated and re-issued for 2017. All income and rental assistance calculations must rely on the currently posted 2017 tables. 

The 2017 Low Income tables for Minnesota, along with previous years and all the various states tables with additional guidance, are available through the U.S. Department of Housing And Urban Development (HUD) website at:

Please Note: The 2017 HUD Low Income Limits are rounded to the nearest $50. Agencies may round income limits for nine or more persons to the nearest $50, or may use the un-rounded numbers at their discretion. Whichever method the Agency chooses should be applied consistently. FAQs at the link above provide an example of this flexibility.

Though the URA Low Income Tables are posted with HUD, FHWA is the "Lead Federal Agency" for the Uniform Act.

Below is a snapshot of the 2017 Low Income Limit Table.