St. Anthony Village Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) Water Treatment Plant
The city of St. Anthony Village, Minnesota recently completed an addition to its water treatment plant that uses ultraviolet (UV) light technology to remove 1,4-dioxane, a contaminant of emerging concern, in the City’s municipal wells.

Stormwater Pond Maintenance Projects
A pond can be scheduled for maintenance due to inlet/outlet concerns, vegetation management, or erosion issues. Over time as stormwater ponds accumulate sediment, the volume that is meant for water quality treatment is reduced and the ponds begin to fall short of their potential pollutant removal capabilities.

One of the items shared at the the 2017 International Right of Way Conference was a cheat sheet to the 49 CFR Part 24 (Uniform Act Regulations) that I have found extremely helpful in the field of Right of Way relocation. Included you will find the referenced cheat sheet.

The URA Low Income Limits, used in connection with Relocation Rental Assistance calculations for low income persons as provided under 49CFR 24.402(b), have been updated and re-issued for 2017

A Leadership Style
What is leadership? Ask ten people and you could get ten different answers. Leadership is needed at home, at school, in coaching, in the community, and at work. It helps set a vision and supports the actions to accomplish that vision

MnDOT Bridge Maintenance Manual
The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) has recently completed writing their Bridge Maintenance Manual (the Manual). The purpose of the Manual is to provide information regarding bridge maintenance practices and procedures in accordance with established MnDOT policies

Green Roofs - An Overview
For over 4,000 years since the hanging gardens of Babylon to the Nordic Vikings, many cultures have used green roofs as method of construction for homes, barns, and communal buildings. As technology has advanced in both architecture and landscape through the development of better materials and proprietary green roof systems, roof gardens are more commonplace across the globe thriving in a range of climates from the sub-arctic to the equatorial tropics.

Emerald Ash Borer
The emerald ash borer is a small, iridescent green beetle whose larvae live underneath the bark of ash trees and tunnel under the surface.

Vegetated Options for Bank Stabilization
There are many reasons to stabilize an eroding stream or river bank including protecting existing buildings or other infrastructure, reducing loading of sediment or other pollutants to an impaired water body, aesthetic improvements, habitat improvement, and/or improving access to the water body by the public for recreation. A general overview of several options for vegetated bank stabilization is provided.

CIR is a pavement rehabilitation method that involves the removal of the existing asphalt pavement and treating it with a bituminous recycling agent and additives, as required.

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