Asphalt is both a naturally occurring material and manufactured product. Because the major part of the asphalt is carbon, this compound is subject to oxidation.

The most common question received in the Right of Way (ROW) Department is by far, “What exactly does the Right of Way Department do?”

Envision and the Sustainability Design Initiative
Sustainability is a buzzword in the field of civil engineering these days, but it is also a complicated topic. How it is defined, measured, and implemented can vary by location, project type, project scale, and more.

The Use of Bituminous Trail or Concrete Sidewalks for Off-Street Pedestrian...
Designated off-street pedestrian walkway construction is a growing priority in many cities. Evaluating the pavement for location, budget, and intended use is an important step in selecting the most cost-effective and useable material.

Being a land use planning professional, I was especially interested in learning about current planning and housing issues in Ireland and quickly noticed that the “Housing Crisis” was covered broadly by both the local and national media. At first, I didn’t think much of it, assuming it was similar to news stories in America in which either the housing market had not rebounded since the great recession or that housing costs are rising faster than wages.

Can you think of a property that is underutilized or has abandoned structures on it? Typically, people look at these properties as eyesores and problems. Because of the real or perceived problems when redeveloping a contaminated property, many of these properties sit underutilized or idle. The paragraphs below discuss a pathway to limit or remove this liability to redevelop an underutilized or abandoned industrial property into an economic, social, and environmental benefit.

WSB’s Sustainable Design Initiative
Sustainability is a word with many different meanings. Depending on the field you are working in, the idea being talked about, or even the people involved, these words have a wide range of uses.

Green Walls and Green Facades
Green infrastructure is term that denotes landscape elements that perform a beneficial or technical function beyond aesthetic improvements within the public realm. What is the difference between a green wall and a green façade?

Engineering Principles – Keep it fresh!
In today’s world, software and other design aids are available to develop solutions to complex problems. Technology has advanced at a pace that allows consulting engineers to address clients’ needs quickly, effectively, and with a high level of detail. This is a good thing, considering the speed of development and population growth in many communities.

An important step in the process of any project is public involvement. This is especially true during residential street reconstruction projects.

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