Co-authored by Stephanie Rouse, City of Minneapolis Affordable housing is key to preserving equity and equality within cities. The ability for all citizens to find housing at a cost that does not require one-third of their income should be the standard, however many cities and regions are grappling with how to achieve this balance. Communities working on their comprehensive plan updates, especially those within the Twin Cities metro area,...

On most construction projects going to permanent stabilization is a challenge, but it is the most advantageous step that you can take during the project.

Projects that require work within a DNR public water (lakes and streams) are subject to a statewide work restriction provision that helps protect Minnesota’s valued fishery, and their aquatic ecosystems. This means that no work should occur within the water resource (below the ordinary high water mark) or within the channel of streams during the defined exclusion dates.

You need Right of Way any time you touch property owned by others. To be able to work on property for a project, you will need a signed document from the owners giving you either temporary or permanent rights to complete the work needed.

Wayfinding Signage
Wayfinding signage is a collection of signs used to give direction, information, show relationships between site elements, and communicate essential information. The overall collection of signage should help the user navigate a greater area by providing current location, context, directions, and guidelines for safety.

While any garden could be considered a healing garden, the goal of a healing garden is to create a restorative environment that contributes to human health and well-being. Rather than focusing on alleviating specific symptoms, healing gardens emphasize the healing of the whole person – mind, body, and spirit.

Every year in June, MS4 communities scramble to gather all the pertinent information to assist them in submitting their required annual report to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA). In many cases, MS4s are not making the most out of all opportunities to ensure they always have eyes out for illicit discharges.

Communities within the Metropolitan region are currently in the midst of updating their Comprehensive Plans before the December 31, 2018 deadline.

When your project construction area is located within shallow groundwater tables and utility work is needed, we need to consider several things before we can now move forward with the most practical and cost effective dewatering mechanism for your site.

Over the years, both crack sealing and crack filling have proven to be very cost-effective tools in the preventive maintenance tool box. One area that has been over looked when sealing streets and highways has been the joints between the two types of pavement. The joints can be between the asphalt street and the concrete curb or concrete pavement and the asphalt shoulder.

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