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We partnered with the City of Chanhassen to provide professional engineering services for the design and construction of a 9 million gallon-per-day water treatment plant. The plant is located in a city park and residential neighborhood. Considerable community concerns about the location of the facility led us and the City to conduct several neighborhood meetings. The meetings were designed to alleviate concern and offer solutions to potential project issues. Ultimately, it was determined that, due its location and size, the water treatment plant would be built into the hillside of the park property.

A prairie-themed architectural design was selected to blend in with the neighborhood aesthetic, while complimenting the native prairie grasses and nearby wetlands in the area. The plant features a filter backwash reclaim system that recycles over 95 percent of the filtered backwash water and includes a stormwater reuse system that allows the City to recycle stormwater on site for landscape irrigation around the plant and adjacent boulevard. A public playground was also constructed on the north side of the water treatment plant to bring additional value to the residential community.