Spinning Spur Two LLC Wind Project


Oldham County, TX







The Spinning Spur II LLC Wind Project was part of a larger energy renewal plan to provide clean energy to 100,000 Texas residents. WSB provided ALTA Survey and verification services to the 161 MW, second phase of the project, aiming to provide 44,000 Texas homes with renewable energy, and reduce gas emissions by 300,000t.

WSB obtained and reviewed all title work from EDF Renewable Energy and used the information to locate monuments and section corners within the project area. Significant features within the project constraints were documented and provided to the client electronically, allowing all plans to be utilized when transitioning to phase III of the Spinning Spur wind projects.

The team also identified all land parcels and prepared an overall site plan, delivering all surveys and plans to the client. The materials and lessons-learned will be utilized while developing the third phase, Spinning Spur III, which will have a 194MW capacity.

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