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Ronald Reagan Boulevard is a key corridor in Williamson County in the growing area north of Austin, TX. This community has been struggling with an increasing number of accidents at the intersection of Ronald Reagan Blvd at Silver Spurs and Sun City Blvd. Originally built as a two-lane roadway, the current configuration cannot keep up with traffic demands and is expected to eventually be expanded into a six-lane roadway in order to improve movement.

Rapid community growth of 4% has lead to an increase of 6% in local traffic.

In the short term, changes are required to reduce the number of accidents and provide better traffic flow. As the area continues to expand creating job growth, increased mass transportation, more housing and local businesses, there will be increasing demand for safe and efficient roads. By working closely with the county and GEC staff, we worked on preliminary traffic analysis and final plans for these bond-funded improvements.

We leveraged emerging technology and industry best practices in order to provide the analysis and recommendations in record time. Through the use of efficient schedule management, frequent team communication and company wide staffing resources we were able to provide our recommendation in two months, a process that historically would have taken up to seven months. Utilizing these resources has allowed WSB to create efficiencies that will allow for groundbreaking on the project to start in fall of 2020.

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