Red Wing, MN




Construction Materials Testing & Inspection

WSB worked with Zenith Tech and MnDOT on the $64 million Red Wing Bridge project using a traditional Bid-Build process supplemented with many Design-Build techniques.

Our Construction Materials Testing and Inspection group provided Quality Control Inspection which included steel H-pile driving observation, large drilled shaft construction, concrete & reinforcement bar inspection, steel tube girder erection and bolting, wick drain installation, muck excavation, grading & base construction, CIP retaining wall inspection, and several thousand feet of curb & gutter and sidewalk inspection. We performed a vital role in communicating quality control findings to MnDOT through the Critical Activity Point process.

Our team also performed Quality Control testing per MnDOT’s modified Schedule of Materials Control including concrete testing, nuclear density testing and soil moisture tests, testing concrete cylinder compression tests on field control cylinders, and obtaining all material certifications of the materials delivered to the project. Through the detailed materials tracking process, WSB and MnDOT were able to submit the materials certification within two months of each construction season to District 6 Materials Engineer for review. This allowed Zenith Tech and MnDOT to start each new construction season in good standing and ensured that no previous year’s material issues would be carried forward.

We facilitated pre-activity meetings that opened the lines of communication between Zenith Tech’s field staff, WSB QC staff and MnDOT. Through monthly quality meetings between Zenith Tech’s field staff, WSB Quality Control staff and MnDOT, the team was able to actively discuss concerns, continued quality issues and success stories.

Entering its 4th year of construction, this project started the season with the demolition of the old Eisenhower bridge. As part of Zenith Tech’s demolition plan, the team disassembled the bridge the reverse of its original construction in 1960. The time-lapse video shows the center span being lowered by Zenith Tech on February 6th, 2020. This project is set to be completed fall 2020.

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