Ida Grove II Wind Project


Ida County, IA







WSB provided ALTA Survey services and Micro Siting services for the 250 MW Ida Grove II Wind project. WSB obtained and reviewed all the title work from Invenergy and used the information to locate monuments and section corners within the project area. Significant features within the project area were surveyed and provided to the developer in a suitable electronic format.

The WSB survey team provided preliminary turbine and access road staking, known as Micro Siting, to help the developer identify and understand any challenges that might arise during construction.

WSB also identified all land parcels (as polygons); rights of way (road, transmission line, etc); gas lines; oil wells; cell/microwave towers; occupied homes; underground fiber optic (One Call); alignment  of existing dirt ranch roads and visible structures observed in field; fence lines along boundary parcels as well as interior fences in areas of access road construction; Setbacks from existing or planned  wind projects nearby; and any other features noted as significant in the field. All these items were shown on the ALTA Boundary survey and all deliverables were as requested.

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