CR 272 at Crossing of Brushy Creek


Cedar Park, TX







Environmental Compliance

Roadway Design


Water Resources

For five years, the low water crossing at Bushy Creek has been closed due to flooding more than half of the year. The bridges frequent flooding has also lead to dangerous algae build up which results in bicyclists sliding off the bridge.


This is particularly challenging for the city of Cedar Park, it has caused necessary emergency vehicles and local traffic to find alternate roads and detour to longer routes with more traffic.

As this is something of a rural road with low daily traffic, a standard bridge is not cost effective in this situation and required us to look into alternative solutions. WSB created a low-water, bridge class box crossing design that channels high water under the bridge rather than over it and removes the requirement for standard bridge railings. This innovative plan includes a smooth deck top, warning signs and closing arms to ensure public safety when water levels become dangerous for crossing.

The bridge will be able to safely remain open nearly 364 days a year and come in with a significantly lower overall cost than a standard bridge design, saving the community over a million dollars. Local traffic will improve and it will bring peace of mind to residents.

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