Alternative Project Delivery

Lead the way.

At the core of every project is a team of agile experts dedicated to delivering a project on time and on budget while minimizing public disruptions. Whether using a design-build, design-bid-build, or construction management general contracting (CM/GC) delivery method, we take pride in giving clients the peace of mind that all contract obligations are being met with integrity and technical excellence throughout the process. As the verification consultant and advisor on projects utilizing alternative project delivery methods, we have established proven methods and practices to drive results and deliver value throughout the project lifecycle. 

Our alternative project delivery support includes:

  • Design oversight
  • Construction oversight
  • Final design
  • Environmental compliance
  • Critical path method (CPM) scheduling
  • Quality 
  • Utility coordination
  • Project controls 
  • Specialty inspections

TH 53 CM/GC  |  Virginia and Eveleth, MN

Dresbach Bridge Interchange Verification & Oversight  |  Dresbach, MN


Michael Rief, PE, DBIA | Construction Services and Design-Build Group Manager, Vice President