Natural Resources

Identify, restore, and protect your natural resources.

Part of your community’s personality is defined by its natural resources. Because of this, identifying, protecting, and improving those resources is a critical element of any project. Our team of scientists and biologists stays up to date on current research surrounding natural resource management and brings you these innovative and effective strategies. From invasive species management to habitat restoration, you can confidently attain your project goal without compromising your community’s resources.  

Services available for your natural resource needs include:

  • Wetland management and natural resource plans 
  • Wetland delineation and mitigation plans 
  • Permitting and regulatory assistance 
  • Natural resource inventory and restoration plans
  • Botanical studies 
  • Avian/bat studies and protection plans 
  • Stream, river, and lake evaluation and fisheries restoration 
  • Carp management
  • Geological resource assessment
  • Contamination assessment and remediation
  • Funding and grant writing
  • Habitat monitoring 
  • Critical issues/fatal flaw analysis 
  • Forest management
  • Invasive species management

Cascade Meadows Wetlands and Environmental Service Center  |  Rochester, MN


Andrea Moffatt | Environmental Planning and Natural Resources Group Manager, Principal