Land Development

Maximize resources through early involvement.

Land development and redevelopment combine scientific and engineering expertise with artistic vision and flexibility. Success in land development depends on creating a disciplined financial model that guides the project through review, approval, and completion. A successful project involves early consideration of a site’s constraints and virtues, which include the site’s capacity, parking requirements, environmental concerns, natural resources, land use guidance, relationship to community vision, geotechnical concerns, and infrastructure availability or constraints. Our team partners with developers who value early planning and due diligence. We provide full in-house services and do not need to engage subconsultants to augment our expertise. This provides our clients with highly efficient project delivery and a single point of contact on their projects, which ultimately saves you money and time.   

WSB is more than an engineering firm. We collaborate internally and externally across our diverse areas of expertise by using our Integrated Design Approach (IDA) of project delivery. We work with you to maximize your return on investment and make your project a success. 

Our land development solutions include:

Flats on Fourth  |  Rochester, MN

Abdallah Candies  |  Apple Valley, MN


Bob Barth | Principal/Sr. Project Manager