Historic District Improvements | Mahtomedi, MN

The Historic District Improvements – Phase 1 was an expansive project that focused on the replacement of aged watermain and deteriorating roadways, as well as innovative regional stormwater management solutions to improve water quality in White Bear Lake. 

The project team identified Wedgewood Park as an opportunity to improve water quality upstream of White Bear Lake and encourage infiltration into the lake’s aquifer. The BMP consisted of an underground pipe gallery fed from a pump retrofit into the adjacent stormwater pond eight feet below the play field in the park. The pumping system was designed to infiltrate three times the volume required for the Phase 1 and 40% of the improvements. 

During the design phase, roadway widths were chosen per segment to match existing widths in order to provide adequate space for emergency access. The final project design required that roadways continue to meander as they were originally platted and work around extensive landscaping that in many cases abutted the edge of the existing pavement. City and WSB staff met with property owners one-on-one to discuss any impacts, tree removals, and restoration of landscaping. 

The project team continued to hold meetings throughout construction to review the schedule, progress, and critical path items. These meetings were critical in providing residents schedules of restricted access and minimizing impacts to property owners. 

Due to the strong collaboration and communication between WSB, city staff, and residents throughout design and construction, the Historic Districts Improvements – Phase 1 resulted in a successful, innovative, and unique project that preserved the character and historic nature of the neighborhood and was highly supported by city staff and residents.