Applewood Pointe | Champlin, MN

WSB worked with United Properties and JSSH Architects to develop a senior housing cooperative along the banks of the Mississippi River. WSB’s design services included preliminary and final site and landscape design.

The site had numerous opportunities and challenges, which included drastic elevation changes between the cooperative building down to the 100-year flood plain elevation, making proper accessibility difficult. Rather than use a standard set of switchbacks that many people tend to avoid, a meandering walkway through the rear courtyard allowed for numerous garden and activity spaces to be developed at varying elevations, as well as for a more creative and appealing grade transition. Some site elements that were created in the courtyard included a seating patio, small putting green, gazebo overlooking the river, and a central plaza and garden space that has a fire pit positioned opposite of a water feature. The plant materials will continue to allow for a more “woodland” landscape around the fire pit and will soften the built landscape as they mature. There are also numerous seating overlooks throughout the site with dramatic views of the landscape and river.