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WSB's Burnsville laboratory receives an AASHTO-Accreditation establishing an elevated standard of performance and quality

November 3, 2017

WSB's Burnsville laboratory has received the AASHTO Accreditation Program (AAP) Certificate. The AAP formally recognizes the competency of laboratories who perform testing on construction materials.

As a certified AAP laboratory, WSB now performs all lab operating procedures to specific national and international standards, providing confidence in the services and results.  Additionally, WSB is now eligible to complete lab testing for national, state and local entities that require the AASHTO accreditation. 

“We are incredibly proud of the opportunity to join such an elite group of testing laboratories,” says Michael Rief, Vice President of Construction Services at WSB. “The accreditation also allows us to stay up-to-date with industry trends and issues as we continue to work towards influencing and improving standards.”

Accredited labs undergo rigorous on-site, third-party assessments to receive the AAP certification.  Each test method is demonstrated by the laboratory’s technical staff and the apparatus utilized for each test is evaluated to ensure it has been standardized, maintained and calibrated according to AASHTO standards.  Quality management, including records of technician training and competency evaluations, also are assessed on an annual basis.

“The AAP represents WSB’s commitment to a higher standard of process and training,” says Bret Weiss, WSB CEO. “A relatively small percent of labs receive this accreditation and it only elevates our commitment to quality testing, processes and expertise for our clients.”

WSB’s Burnsville, Minnesota lab received the accreditation, but the processes and procedures will be implemented at WSB’s Rochester, Minnesota laboratory to ensure quality assurance and consistency in every testing procedure performed.