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WSB looks to expand visualization services by hiring industry veteran Jeff Christiansen

June 1, 2018

WSB has hired Jeff Christiansen, a visualization specialist, well-known and respected in the Texas transportation industry to expand WSB’s visualization service area.  Christiansen’s reputation is based on his ability to create industry-leading visualizations that are known for their accuracy and realism. Christiansen has managed over 350 miles of highway visualizations for the Texas Department of Transportation and will join the team at WSB’s Minneapolis headquarters.

Visualization services are continuing to expand across the country, and WSB is making significant investments in this area to bring data and information to life. Using visualizations allows visual access to large amounts of information with the click of a mouse. In a world where stakeholder engagement and collaboration continue to gain momentum, WSB is prioritizing the importance of providing resources and tools that create opportunities to engage the public.

“The great thing about visualizations is we can take very complex schematic designs and reproduce them 3-dimensionally, rendering scenes realistically. This allows us the opportunity to educate stakeholders more efficiently and effectively,” says Christiansen. “I’m eager for the opportunity to work with both current and future WSB clients and am thrilled to join a company with a strong foundation of customer service and passion for innovation.”