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WSB Announces 2017 Staff Promotions

December 13, 2017

The professional growth and promotion of our staff is an investment in leadership to build a stronger and better WSB. We are pleased to announce a series of promotions recommended by the WSB Board of Directors in 2017. This year, a significant number of promotions were made as a result of the significant growth WSB has experienced in the most recent years. Each individual displays unique leadership qualities and exemplifies the WSB Way. The future of WSB is represented by each of the individuals below.  Please join us in congratulating WSB’s newest class of leadership. 

2017 Principal / Shareholder Promotions
WSB is pleased to announce that Jack Corkle and Justin Messner were each appointed as a Principal/ Shareholder of WSB in 2017.  Jack and Justin are technically talented, but also have shown immense dedication to WSB and the clients we serve. The role of Principal/Shareholder comes with increase responsibility and expectations and will work to assist WSB in strategic initiatives in the coming years. Congratulations Jack and Justin! Read more about Jack Corkle and Justin Messner here.

2017 Senior Associate Promotions 
The WSB Board of Directors has established a new leadership level towards becoming a Shareholder. The Senior Associate group will engage in an enhanced leadership role and will assist with the development of the Associate group, while also providing important input to our Shareholders. The following WSB employees were named Senior Associates by WSB in 2017:  

  • Craig Alberg, Construction Services Project Manager

  • Candace Amberg, Senior Landscape Architect  

  • Earth Evans, Group Manager – Water Resources 

  • Lee Gustafson, Sr. Project Manager - Municipal 

  • Ross Jentink, Project Manager – Construction & Design Build 

  • Justin Hansen, Systems Analyst – Information Services 

  • Pete Helder, Survey Group Coordinator 

  • Jennifer Hildebrand, Environmental Compliance Group Manager 

  • Paul Hornby, Sr. Project Manager - Municipal 

  • Peter Muehlback, Sr. Project Manager - Transportation 

  • Breanne Rothstein, Group Manager – Community Planning & Economic Development 

  • Kian Sabeti, Transportation Program Manager 

Read more about our Senior Associates here.

2017 Associate Promotions
The key to growth is having staff members who welcome management and leadership opportunities.  This year, WSB’s Board of Directors promoted a unique group of individuals with a variety of skills that will continue to support WSB’s strategic growth plan. WSB’s newest class of Associates will be charged with continuing to grow WSB in staff and expertise, as we embrace innovative methods for meeting our clients’ needs. 

  • Bryon Amo, Sr. Engineering Specialist – Construction & Design Build 

  • Ben Barker, Right of Way Specialist 

  • Alison Harwood, Environmental Planning & Natural Resources Scientist 

  • Amber Halverson, Human Resources Generalist 

  • Nic Hentges, Project Manager - Transportation 

  • Tony Havranek, Sr. Environmental Scientist 

  • Greg Glunz, Engineering Specialist – Water  

  • Mike Klasen, Engineering Specialist – Construction & Design Build 

  • Patrick Malone, Engineering Technician - Municipal 

  • Jake Newhall, Water Resources Project Manager 

  • Carl Osberg, Sr. Project Manager - Structural 

  • Erin Perdu, Sr. Planer – Community Planning & Economic Development 

  • John Powell, Sr. Project Manager - Municipal 

  • Jim Stremel, Sr. Project Manager - Municipal 

  • Eric Zweber, Sr. Planner – Community Planning & Economic Development 

Read more about our Associates here.